Green bananas

Green Bananas

A Play in One Scene by Frances Gallopaway. Cast of Characters HARVEY DILL:   Crackpot psychiatrist.  Middle-aged.  Very tall.WILBUR:  A patient.  Younger.  Short.KATY:   Friend of both.   Middle-aged. Scene KATY’S living room in a Bohemian beach apartment somewhere in California. Time The present.                         …

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Jack Capps (friend, AKA Joseph Weatherbottom) pumps the shutter bulb to take a Frances family shot, 1981

Joseph Weatherbottom

JOSEPH WEATHERBOTTOM A Monologue in Four Scenes by Frances Tompkins JOE:  In his seventies.  Spent thirty years in a State asylum for the insane after he freaked out during battle in World War II.  He is a-neat-and-clean freak.  He dresses meticu­lously in an open-collared white shirt, light blue cardi­gan, gray slacks, black Navy shoes and socks. …

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