Woman On The Moon

Perhaps the most iconic image from the four walking-on-the-moon years, 1969-1972, is the blue-and-white earth rising in the black sky over the moon’s horizon. But after many moons with that stunning image posted over the lyrics to our song, Woman On The Moon, at gallopawaymusic.com, its power as proxy for the song began to wane. A new point of view was called for: more woman, more moon. So we called on our walking-distance neighbor, Futzie Nutzle, of international notoriety, particularly in the pages of Rolling Stone Mag. As we hoped, he gave his imagination too much rein (to quote from our song, Pipe Dreams). Two days later we were laughing at his “designer space suited” astronaut, complete with mini-skirt and pressurized stockings, kicking up star dust in high heels, pushing her rattling baby up a gentle rise, trusty cell phone in the other hand, over which she’s talking to her man … who may indeed be “gazing from the windy dune” toward her on the bright crescent in his sky (if she sees his world as full, he must see hers as just a sliver.) Exactly what the doctor ordered, a new view, just absurd enough, right where it belongs: out of this world!

~ Tim

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